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Magnesium Alloy Material Solutions

Because of its small specific gravity, high specific strength and specific stiffness, excellent shock absorption and electromagnetic shielding, and good recycling, magnesium alloy has a wide application prospect in the automotive industry, electronic product shells, etc. it is a green engineering material with great development and application potential and development prospects.

It is mainly used in aviation, aerospace, transportation, chemical industry, rocket and other industrial sectors.

Application: magnesium alloy is widely used in portable devices and automobile industry to achieve the purpose of lightweight.

Application in aerospace

Magnesium alloy is the lightest metal structure material used in aircraft, spacecraft and rocket missile manufacturing industry. Magnesium is lighter in weight than aluminum, with a specific gravity of 1.8 and a lower strength, only 200-300 MPa (20-30 kg / mm2). It is mainly used to manufacture parts with low bearing capacity. Magnesium alloy is easy to oxidize and corrode in humid air, so the surface of parts needs to be chemically treated or painted before use.

Application in automobile

(1) Shell type. Such as clutch housing, valve cover, instrument panel, gearbox, crankcase, engine front cover, cylinder head, air conditioner housing, etc.

(2) Supports. Such as steering wheel, steering bracket, brake bracket, seat frame, mirror bracket, distribution bracket, etc.

According to relevant research, 60% of the fuel used by the vehicle is consumed by the vehicle weight, and the fuel efficiency can be increased by more than 5% for every 10% reduction of the vehicle weight; For every 100 kg reduction in vehicle weight, the fuel consumption per 100 km can be reduced by about 0.7 L, and for every 1 l of fuel saved, the CO2 emission can be reduced by 2.5 g, and the annual emission can be reduced by more than 30%. Therefore, the reduction of vehicle weight has a great impact on the environment and energy, and the reduction of vehicle weight has become an inevitable trend.

Application in digital SLR camera

Magnesium alloy is often used as the framework of SLR camera because of its low density and high strength, and has certain corrosion resistance. Generally, high-end and professional digital SLR cameras are made of magnesium alloy to make them durable and feel good.

The digital SLR camera with a magnesium alloy body is not only a symbol of quasi professional level, but also has a high price.

According to the forming method, it can be divided into wrought magnesium alloy and cast magnesium alloy.

Other applications

The size of LCD screens on mobile phones and notebook computers increases year by year, and magnesium alloy is used on the support frame and the shell on the back.

Although the thermal conductivity of magnesium alloy is not as high as that of aluminum alloy, it is dozens of times higher than that of plastic. Therefore, magnesium alloy is used in electrical products and can effectively radiate the internal heat to the outside.

Magnesium alloy is used for the housings and heat dissipation parts of computers and projectors that generate high temperature inside. The use of magnesium alloy on the shell of the TV can achieve no heat dissipation holes.

Electromagnetic wave shielding property: the electromagnetic wave shielding property of magnesium alloy is better than that of electroplating shielding film on plastic. Therefore, the electroplating process of electromagnetic wave shielding film can be eliminated by using magnesium alloy.

Magnesium alloy is used for parts in the vicinity of a vibration source such as a reading device of a hard disk drive. If magnesium alloy is used on the fan blades, the vibration can be reduced to achieve low sound. In addition, magnesium alloy is used on the steering wheel and seat in order to improve the impact absorption and lightweight after the vehicle is impacted.


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